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Winty provides professional ODM service to customers on wild range of electronic products. The company is with 35 years experience on manufacturing and over 10 years on RF field. The following are some of the ODM categories we are specialized in, from concept to manufacturing:

1. Smart Devices of Voice Control & WiFi Internet Access;
2. 2.4GHz R/C Toys: Racing Cars and Motor Cycles, Flying Items, etc.
3. Bluetooth Wireless Speakers for Smart Devices;
4. Water Proof Wireless Outdoor Speakers;
5. Digital (DSSS) 2.4GHz Hobby Controller;
6. Wireless Headphones, Headset & Ear Bugs;
7. FDA Listed Therapeutic Devices;
8. Digital Audio/Video Monitors for Nursery/Patient/Aged People;
9. Multi-function water proof Massagers;
10. Household Electrical Devices;
11. Cosmetic Mirrors w/ Electronic functions
12. Precise Injection Parts for Electrical connectors, hubs, LCD Frames, etc.
13. UL fabric parts of plastic injection
14. Walkie Talkies;
15. MFI Listed accessories
16. Alexa Enabled Devices

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